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None So Blind

Teacher Must Learn From Grasshopper or Become Obsolete


One of the things I find tiring is this insistence by Delphi diehards that things must stay the same or grudgingly move despite there being proven approaches in other languages that are effectively derivatives of Pascal (programming language) and derivatives of Delphi (IDE).

Its like a teacher refusing to learn from a student that went on to learn more than he/she did, and insists on maintaining a growing falsehood - rather than embracing the benefits of an evolving World.

- RazorGrass

When RAD is no longer RAD


It's too many grey hairs,
With so many great fears,
Built up over the years,
It started out so RAD,
In no time at all things could be had,
But now, less able to move,
As we spin in a cycling groove.